All Star Sports Medicine Doctor in Santa Ana CA

All Star Sports Medicine Doctor in Santa Ana CA

Only an All Star sports medicine doctor can provide prompt care utilizing established orthopedic treatments. If you want to get back into the game – FAST – turn to Dr. Howard Marans – Orange County’s All Star in sports medicine located in Santa Ana.

  • Established orthopedic treatments
  • State-of-the art surgical procedures
  • Cutting-edge arthroscopic procedures

Sports Medicine All Star Doctor

By the nature of their lifestyle, athletes are at an increased risk of orthopedic problems. Athletes have unique needs when they are recovering from injuries. Only a doctor specializing in sports medicine can provide cost-efficient treatment to get athletes back into action.

Dr. Marans has treated the best of the best over the course of his practice.

  • 100s of elite athletes
  • 1000s of amateur athletes

Unique Needs of Athletes

Dr. Marans treats every athlete according to his/her individual injury. This is because athletes need full functionality of the injured area to excel in their sport.

  • Athletes who are in peak physical condition
  • Athletes who are prone to injury during training
  • Athletes who over-train
  • Athlete who use bad form
  • Athlete who need education on ways to prevent recurrent injury

The Doctor’s mission is to restore every athlete to full functionality and prioritize whole body health in order to prevent future injury.

Physical Therapy Approach to Sports Medicine

Dr. Marans is renowned for being aggressive in treating sports injuries. Athletes want to perform strenuous physical activity at peak performance over many years.

Every visit for Physical Therapy at OCOrthopedic+ is designed to promote cost-effective and expedient recovery.

  • Restore flexibility to stiff joints
  • Strengthen weakened muscles
  • Promote good form to prevent recurrent injury

OCOrthopedic+ is an athlete-focused sports medicine practice providing all-encompassing diagnostic and treatment services within one convenient Santa Ana location.

Injury diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation includes the use of:

  • Cutting-edge diagnostic tools
  • State-of-the-art modalities

If you have suffered a sports-related injury, Dr. Marans will make it a priority to get you back into action as fast as possible. You must seek immediate treatment for a sports injury. Delaying diagnosis and treatment can lead to a prolonged healing timeframe, worsening of injury, and likelihood of recurrent injury.

All Star Medicine in Santa Ana CA

For over 20 years, Dr. Marans has provided All Star sports medicine to athletes suffering from acute, chronic, and disabling pain.

  • ACL tears
  • Herniated Discs
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Tendon tear repairs
  • Ligament tear repairs

Surgery Options

When the Doctor deems it is necessary to operate, he will recommend either:

Orthopedic Surgery Protocol

As an experienced orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Marans begins with a precise diagnosis.

  • Medical history
  • Patient history of activity
  • Physical examination
  • X-Ray
  • MRI
  • Non-surgical therapies
  • Surgical remedies

The Doctor’s mission is to treat all patients in a professional, timely manner.

Optimal outcomes depend on:

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