Huntington Beach Orthopedic Sports Medicine

Huntington Beach Orthopedic Sports Medicine

Being at their top physical performance, athletes are a special group of individuals. After an injury, seeking out the best sports medicine doctor in  Huntington Beach is a critical step in the healing process.

Sports Medicine in Huntington Beach

sports-medicine-doctor-A sports medicine doctor concentrates on the needs of both the professional and amateur athlete. Every sports participant understands minor aches and pains are just part of the fitness training game. When pain does not subside, ignoring the issue will create further irreversible damage to the body.

Why Visit a Sports Medicine Doctor?

Receiving specialized training, a sports medicine doctor will be able to focus on an athlete’s musculoskeletal issues relating physical fitness. The sports medicine specialist receives training beyond primary care physician qualifications. The extra education provides the patient with the best possible care relating to the human body’s movement, physical activity, and injury prevention.

With specialized training, a sports medicine doctor will be able to prescribe a precise treatment program for injury recovery. Treatment approaches range from: Physical Therapy to Arthoscopic Surgery. The treatment program depends on individualized diagnosis and medical needs.

How to Find a Sports Medicine Specialist?

One of the best ways to be directed to an orthopedic specialists or sports medicine doctor is by a referral from a primary care physician. The referral from a primary care physician is indicative the doctor will understand the athlete’s needs for specialized care involving the musculoskeletal injury beyond basic treatment. Other ways to finding orthopedic specialists for sports injuries include:

  • Contact health insurance representative for referrals within the care network.
  • If an athlete picks a doctor out of the network, higher out of pocket costs may be added to the final medical expense.
  • Ask for a referral from the team’s coach, teammates, athletic trainer or others who participate in similar sports activities.
  • Ask friends, family members or others in the peer network.
  • Utilize the Internet to research Huntington Beach area sports medicine specialists.
  • Various medical review sites are available with patient entries on the doctors who provide the best care for athletes.
  • Contact the American Medical Association or other professional organizations for a referrals and reviews.

Each step in finding the right sports medicine doctor will result in a variety of names. In most cases, one orthopedic specialist with a longstanding, consistent practice will stand out above the rest. In order to receive more information about the top choice, be prepared to ask questions during the first consultation.

Questions to Ask

The best sports medicine orthopedic doctor will take the time to answer each question with a detailed explanation.

  • What credentials and experience does the doctor have involving the care of athletes?
  • Does the specialist focus on non-surgical approaches as part of the treatment program?
  • How many similar procedures are performed within a week or month?
  • How long will the recovery process take?

Huntington Beach Sports Medicine Doctor

In the Huntington Beach area, Dr. Howard Marans will take the time to address all sports medicine questions. Experienced working with athletes at all levels, Dr. Marans strives to get every patient back into their sport in a timely manner. For your sports injury rehabilitation, please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.