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How to Find the Best Foot & Ankle Specialist in Santa Ana CA

Foot and ankle injuries should be treated with surgery only as necessary. Surgery for a foot or ankle injury is only recommended as a last resort. Dr. Howard Marans first promotes a variety of conservative treatments available at OCOrthopedic+ such as:

Dr. Howard Marans offers top rated surgery to correct the problem.

Foot and Ankle Injuries

Symptoms of feet and ankle injuries/medical conditions include:

The feet and ankles bear the weight of your entire body. When physical therapy or other conservative treatment fails, Dr. Howard Marans offers top rated surgery to correct the problem. Treatment of severe injuries to your foot or ankle can involve a wide range of surgery techniques.

Foot and Ankle Surgery Options

When the Doctor deems it is necessary to operate, he will recommend either:

Your Foot and Ankle

Your feet and ankles help you:

Many injuries to the feet can occur as a result of:

Common Foot and Ankle Injuries and Conditions

Foot and Ankle Specialist in Santa Ana, CA

Top rated foot and ankle surgery is provided by Dr. Marans, who has the education and clinical experience to repair and rehabilitate your injury.

OCOrthopedic+ offers:

Foot and Ankle Specialist Protocol

An experienced foot and ankle specialist begins with a precise diagnosis.

Best Foot and Ankle Specialist

OCOrthopedic+ is a leading specialist in foot and ankle surgery. Dr. Howard Marans has over 20 years of providing his patients with whole body care and rehabilitation post-surgery.

The Doctor’s mission is to treat all patients in a professional, timely manner. Optimal outcomes depend on:

To schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Howard Marans, please click the icon below – or – call 714.979.8981.

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