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How to Find Top Rate Arthritis Treatment in Santa Ana CA

As a top rate treatment provider in Santa Ana, CA, Dr. Howard Marans typically takes a non-surgical approach to treating arthritis. It is often in your best interest to avoid surgery if possible. In many cases, a non-surgical approach to treatment can delay the need for a complete joint replacement. In other cases, to restore function and control symptoms, it may be necessary to operate on a joint affected with arthritis.

When developing an arthritis treatment plan, Dr. Marans considers the individual needs and desired outcomes of his patients.

Top Rate Arthritis Treatment

Physical therapy and exercise. Initially, the Doctor may send you to physical therapy until you are comfortable doing the exercises on your own at home. This helps you establish a routine. The physical therapist can monitor your progress and suggest adjustments to your exercise plan if pain persists.

Recommendation to lose weight. Being overweight puts extra stress on your joints. This can worsen your osteoarthritis symptoms. If you are obese, you may be able to reduce your symptoms by losing as little as 10% of your body weight.

Taking NSAIDs to relieve pain. The Doctor may recommend that you take over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to relieve pain-causing inflammation. It is important to follow the recommended dosage and take as needed. NSAIDs can increase your risk of developing a stomach ulcer or abnormal bleeding.

Lifestyle changes. While you may not be able to fully prevent osteoarthritis, you can prevent flare-ups of your symptoms by making a few changes in your lifestyle, including:

Top Rate Arthritis Treatment in Santa Ana, CA

As the top arthritis treatment provider in Santa Ana, CA, Dr. Marans has the education and clinical experience to correct your injury or physical condition.

OC Orthopedics+ offers:

Top Rate Arthritis Doctor

Dr. Howard Marans has over 20 years of providing his patients with whole body care and rehabilitation post-surgery. The Doctor’s mission is to treat all patients in a professional, timely manner.

Optimal outcomes depend on:

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