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Find a Sports Medicine Center for Cyclists

Every year, Americans are always looking for new ways to improve their overall health. The popularity of cycling has begun to increase as a means to work toward a healthier and active lifestyle. Professional cyclists already understand the health benefits riding a bike can provide. The downside to participating in this sport is injuries due to improper warm up or riding techniques. When injuries occur, finding a sports medicine center for cyclists cyclists is vital to returning to the healthy activity.

sports-medicine-caSports Medicine Center

Finding the best sports medicine center for cyclists does not have to be a difficult process.

By asking and researching, a bike rider will be able to determine the best choice for a sports medicine center for cyclists.

Common Injuries

Injuries may happen in a variety of ways. The injuries can be sudden due to a traumatic fall or a slow progression building up over time. Both, road cycling and mountain bike riding have unique risk factors which contribute to injuries.

When to Seek Medical Treatment

A cyclist understands minor aches and pains often go with rigorous training or trying out a new higher endurance trail. When symptoms last for a longer than normal or a fall occurs, seeking treatment at a sports medicine center for cyclists is vital to returning to a healthier state.

The best medical treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis followed by a plan of action and the desired outcome of the approach. Dr. Howard Marans understands the need to return to the sport or hobby of riding a bike. By concentrating on the needs of each individual, a treatment program will be designed only for the specific cyclist’s injuries to provide the shortest amount of recovery time.

Leading Sports Medicine Center for Cyclists

Under the guidance of acclaimed sports medicine doctor, Dr. Howard Marans, OC Orthopedic+ is established as a leading sports medicine center for cyclists. At OC Orthopedic+ most PPOs are accepted. Please click below and enter your information online to schedule your consultation with Dr. Howard Marans – or – call 714.979.8981.

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